The process of helping you reach your goals starts with good communication. We engage in a dialogue with every potential client, so that we can mutually determine the feasibility of working together.
Naturally, we need to gather all your important financial data, so that we may properly understand your situation. The numbers provide the objective reality that is the ground of all good financial plans.
But we are equally interested in getting to know you as a person beyond the statistics. You have hobbies, hopes, dreams, concerns, and a lifetime of collected experiences that affect the chemistry of an advisor-client relationship. Financial plans work best when they transcend the numbers and serve the whole person.
It is no accident that our discussions will not begin with a list of products and services. To be sure, we can employ the complete array of financial tools: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, bank products, insurance products, ETFs, UITs, traded and non-traded REITS, and a variety of alternative investments including oil and gas partnerships and equipment leasing programs. We can set up and manage your IRA, 401(k), 403(B), SEP, SIMPLE, or any of the other programs in the alphabet soup world of retirement plans.
But we don’t start with these things, because they are just the tools we’ll select from in order to drive your financial plan. Your goals come first. A carefully crafted plan to achieve them follows. Only then is it time to pick up the tools.
We guide you through every step of the process, from helping you clarify and quantify your goals, to implementing your financial plan, to monitoring your progress.

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