Want to get acquainted? You are welcome to one free 30-minute consultation at our office or over the phone. The purpose of this free consultation is to help both you and us determine if the necessary chemistry is there for a good working relationship.
You don’t have to have a substantial net worth or a seven-figure investment account to get our attention. We enjoy working with “up and comers” as well as with clients who have significant wealth. We’re more concerned with where you are going that with where you are now.
When you’re ready to begin, we do require a nominal $500 retainer. Advance payment of this retainer covers two hours of planning or consultation time at our standard rate of $250 per hour. We’ll use the time to gather your financial data and to begin to answer your general planning questions. Clients with very complex planning needs will be quoted on a per case basis.
If you have at least $25,000 in assets to invest, we can manage your portfolio for an asset-based fee. This fee is a percentage of the amount being managed, and decreases with account size. Call us or see our brochure for our current fee schedule. Please note that we do not sell securities for commissions. Because client fees are our only source of compensation for investment management, you never need fear that commissions might be undermining the objectivity of any securities recommendations we make.

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