Our mission is to provide unbiased financial guidance and investment management to Christian individuals and institutions, serving people who understand that financial decisions affect them both materially and spiritually. Drawing on my background as a Certified Financial Planner ™ professional and an ordained minister, we combine financial expertise with a deeper awareness of purpose, to help our clients find satisfaction in reaching their goals and aspirations.
Our comprehensive approach to financial planning puts special emphasis on the following areas:
  • Social Security: Helping you optimize your benefits by knowing the when to file, how to coordinate spousal benefits, how to maximize survivor income, and how to minimize taxes on benefits.
  • Retirement Income Planning: Providing guidance in how to accumulate the assets and income needed to both retire comfortably and stay comfortably retired.
  • Portfolio Management: Managing money for individuals, families, church organizations and schools. We can design morally-screened and/or socially-responsible portfolios. We also provide clients with access to a variety of world-class institutional money managers.
  • Estate Planning and Charitable Giving: Because you’re not just building a life, you’re building a legacy.
Perhaps you find yourself in a situation similar to one of these:
  • A 49-year-old technology executive has a substantial net worth, but his largest investment holding is the stock of the company that employs him. Given the boom and bust nature of his industry, he wants to take the risk out of his concentrated position without necessarily divesting himself of a company he believes in.
  • A 54-year old minister pastors a small church with no retirement plan. He opted out of Social Security years ago, and now wonders if he has enough time to accumulate funds for a secure retirement.
  • A 32-year-old radio personality is the beneficiary of an inheritance. She’s earning a good income now, and doesn’t need the inheritance to live on. She wants to grow it responsibly, without taking undue risk to the principal. She also wants to avoid investing in companies with products or practices that conflict with her strong social and moral convictions. She needs to know her options.
  • A married couple in their forties struggles to plan for multiple financial priorities: getting out of debt, paying college tuition for their three children, and supporting the husband’s mother, who is in financial straits and failing health. They also want to make sure they’re not a burden to their own children in later years. They need help sorting it all out.
  • A 72-year-old entrepreneur is all set financially. He wants to pass the business to his children. He wants to leave some money to his grandchildren (when they are old enough to handle it) without spoiling them. But mostly he wants to be a blessing to his church and to make significant gifts to several charities involved in causes he cares about. He needs a way to give that is tax-smart and protects his privacy.
The particulars of client situations are endlessly variable, but our mission never changes. We seek to guide you from the articulation of your financial goals to their accomplishment.

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