Remember the old bumper sticker that said, “he who dies with the most toys wins?” You never bought into that.
Yes, you’ve worked hard, done well, and accumulated some well-earned rewards along the way. But you know that your life does not consist of the abundance of things you possess. You know there is purpose greater than personal achievement. You want to leave the world a little better than you found it. You want to leave a legacy that will outlive you.
That’s giving back.
You’ll donate your time, your talent, and especially your treasure. But to what cause will you give?
Maybe it will be a non-profit organization that provides mentoring for at-risk young people. Or it could be a charity focused on finding the cure for the disease that afflicted a loved one. Perhaps you are passionate about funding research into clean energy alternatives. You could feel led to support foreign missions, or your alma mater, or a charity that feeds the hungry. Whatever the cause, you believe that your contribution will make a difference.
We share your vision. While some financial firms focus only on accumulation goals, we understand the importance of generosity. We believe charitable giving should be part of every well-rounded financial plan, and not just for financial reasons.
There are often questions you need to answer before you feel ready to give:
  • How much is enough to accumulate? Since the future is unpredictable, how can I know when it’s really safe to start making sizable charitable gifts?
  • Is it better to give cash, or appreciated assets like stocks or real estate?
  • Will substantial charitable giving antagonize my children and other potential beneficiaries? How can I reduce the potential for conflict?
  • How much will my giving reduce my income taxes? Estate taxes?
  • Can I donate generously and maintain my privacy?
We can help answer these questions and more. We provide clarity and direction through the whole process, from defining your charitable mission, to targeting an amount to give, to choosing among tools like donor advised funds, gift annuities, charitable trusts, and private foundations.
Working with your CPA or tax attorney, we can help you understand the numbers – especially in terms of how your giving will impact your net worth, your income taxes, and your estate taxes. We can even facilitate the discussion of philanthropy with your children, as you help them set reasonable expectations regarding inheritances and develop a family ethic of giving.
We invite you to get to know us by perusing the rest of our site. Want to talk? Just contact us.

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