Planning, Preparing, and Managing When Someone Dies
Every year over 2 million American families face the question of what to do when somebody dies. Most lack a clear idea of what to do when a loved one passes. It’s not uncommon for people to feel overwhelmed or paralyzed at the time of loss. Fortunately, Aspire Financial Advisors and a qualified network of referral professionals are ready to assist when you need a checklist, professional support, and organizational tools to help do the right things when someone dies. Based on research with 1100 families who faced the loss of a loved one, this resource can bring order out of chaos, and save you time and money.
The death of a loved one is difficult for two reasons: first, because of the pain and sorrow of the loss; and second, because of the enormous complexity of making arrangements and handling the affairs of the deceased. A lot of stress and uncertainty come along with this task. That’s where we come in. We can help you:
  • Simplify “life transition” with an easy roadmap detailing what to do and when.
  • Find pre-screened, local, trusted service advisors before, during and after a death.
  • Organize and collect personal information via a forms library.
  • Enable easier communication and collaboration with other family members.
  • Share lessons from 1100 families who learned the hard way what to do when someone dies.
We make it easier for families by providing a free online resource called Estate Manager PRO. It describes what to do before, during, and after the time when somebody dies. To start, click here.
The online estate management and preparedness tool we provide can facilitate the transition when someone dies. It’s an easy to use roadmap offering a step-by-step guide and secure online checklist. This resource tells you what to expect when someone dies, as well as how to get immediate support and advice from trusted service providers such as estate tax and legacy planning professionals, grief counselors, funeral homes, elder care attorneys, and much more.
Now is the best time to plan for your own passing or that of a loved one. Our comprehensive resource walks you through the steps, including topics such as how to reduce or avoid probate, understand the funeral rule, to how to communicate your wishes regarding dependents, key assets such as prized collections, and pets. Planning helps avoid problems that can occur, especially when someone dies unexpectedly. You’ll find practical insights on many vital areas, including:
  • Legacy planning
  • Estate tax planning
  • Investments and money management
  • Retirement planning
  • Life insurance and long-term care planning
  • Charitable giving
  • Wills and trusts
This comprehensive online resource leaves no stone unturned. Checklists are made and recorded; professional advisors needed to administer the complexities of estate administration are identified and documented. Funeral plans are created using helpful guidelines and appropriate ways to pass on information are documented. This important tool is yet another way Aspire Financial Advisors delivers service that exceeds expectations.
Frequently asked questions related to “What to do when someone dies.” When someone dies, we often hear similar questions from clients.
Q: What should I do first?
A: Our free online resource provides a password-protected account, complete with a personal checklist — automatically updating your status on each of the steps one must go through when someone dies. This information can then be shared with trusted family and friends in a collaborative “social networking” way.
Q:Is this online resource just for your clients?
A: No! While our profession is financial planning and investment management, our calling is to serve people in need. When people are dealing with the death of a loved one, this information we’ve assembled is desperately needed. So we make it available without cost or obligation, whether or not you ever seek to engage our services.
Q: When someone dies, who can provide immediate assistance regarding financial issues?
A: We’re prepared to offer you advice and support through the entire process — from estate planning, wills, and trusts; to support during the time of loss, to financial advice regarding budgeting, insurance, and managing inheritances.
Q: If I lose a loved one and have an inheritance, who can provide assistance regarding philanthropy and charity giving?
A: Along with our network of trusted referral partners we can help with your goals of maximizing philanthropy and charitable giving while minimizing your estate and inheritance taxes.
Q: Is it possible to avoid probate?
A: Yes, in many cases reducing or avoiding probate altogether can be achieved by doing the right things before or during the time when someone dies. A good estate attorney can minimize the cost of probate immediately after the time when someone dies.
Q: What is the funeral rule?
A: This rule, which is further explained in our online guide, will help reduce the cost of a funeral when someone dies.
Q: Who do I turn to for questions regarding Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid?
A: Our online directory will help identify local services providers who are skilled in these areas, from elder care attorneys, to senior service providers, to long-term care providers.
Q: What is legacy planning?
A: This is a process of identifying how you would like to be remembered, organizing and assigning ownership to memorabilia, establishing philanthropic and charitable objectives, and documenting and recording one’s wishes. A legacy plan can also address one’s desires for long term care and hospice.
Our online step-by-step estate planning, preparedness, and estate administration tool can answer these questions, and many others. Whether an unexpected death occurs or you had the opportunity to share your loved one’s final moments, our collaborative internet-based tool is available 24×7 to help with the life-changing events when someone dies. As you will see, these resources cover a variety of topics to help plan ahead and become as prepared as possible to handle the difficult time when someone you love dies and family, friends, and business associates face a life transition.

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