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Find Financial Freedom Here
Get organized. Get control. Get ahead. This manual uncovers the financial wisdom “hidden in plain sight” in the pages of the Bible. Here you’ll find useful information and clear guidance on almost every aspect of money management. Learn how to save and invest wisely, educate your children, retire comfortably, and leave a legacy-while avoiding empty materialism.   You will discover: - How to create a budget you can be happy about. - How to get out of debt without making costly mistakes. - How to build an investment portfolio that can replace your job. - The answer to the question “How much is enough?” - The reason it’s more blessed to give than to receive. - How to use money in the fulfillment of your purpose. - The Bible principles they almost never teach in church. Rev. John F. Harrison, CFP® has been using uncommon candor, clarity, and humor to enlighten audiences in churches, colleges, corporate seminars, and religious retreats for nearly twenty years. He is a preacher, teacher, financial counselor, and business owner whose mission is to take the mystery and misconceptions out of the vital subject of money management. Trying to reach higher financial ground? Learn what to do, and learn how and why to do it. Start today!