Raves for Making Mammon Serve You

John Harrison has done us all a service in writing Making Mammon Serve You. Be forewarned: this is definitely NOT another boring book about money! Mammon is written in a highly engaging and readable style, and the content is potentand eye-opening.

Though much has been written on the subject in recent years, Harrison succeeds in offering us a genuinely fresh and interesting handbook for financial freedom and ethical success. Like a good preacher, John Harrison has a way of delivering tough news in a way that makes you feel you have been bettered, but never battered.

The first chapter, “An Awkward Pair,” is a poignant andprophetic voice to the church in America which we would do well to heed. “The Yoke of Bondage” will be worth the price of the book for many readers, and “The Great Debate” offers one of the most consistent and sane arguments I have ever heard for proportional charitable giving. Harrison is right-on, and I wish every Christian in America would read this book. Get this book and pass it on – you will be glad you did.

Steve Poole

Pastor, the church@highpine

Director of Pastoral Mentoring, Vision New England

John Harrison has written a clear and incisive book which provides invaluable financial planning information coupled with sound biblical principles. This book is chock full of terrific insights as well as practical information for everyone who has ever wondered how to make sense of their own financial planning. John has a gift for explaining all these issues in a plain and common sense manner that makes everything seem simple. This is one of the finest basic handbooks I have seen.

Daniel J. Galli, CFP®

Adjunct Faculty, Boston University

Making Mammon Serve You is an excellent book in the area of personal finance. It promises to be a biblical manual for managing money. It delivers on its promise by providing page after page of biblical insights in the areas of financial discipline, budgeting, debt management, and investing. As a former securities attorney with years of financial services experience, I recognize a personal finance book that will help the people who read it. This is such a book. As a born-again Christian, I recognize the author’s heart-felt desire to proclaim biblical truth. As Rev. Harrison evaluates topics, he goes where his convictions take him, sometimes venturing into controversial areas. Even those who do not share all of his convictions will be impressed by the thoroughness of his research. This is a book that can help you. Read it and be blessed.

Elvin Turner, J.D., MBA

Turner Consulting