Back view of large group of business people having a training class in a board room.

There is financial anxiety in the pews (and many pulpits) across America. 

56% percent of Americans do not know how much money they will need to save for retirement.
20% of American workers feel “very confident” about having a financially secure retirement… which means that 80% do not.
40% of church members say they overspend monthly.
60% of people in marriage counseling identify money as a major problem.

As Christians, we look to the word of God for guidance and inspiration on matters of family, work, relationships, and everything in our lives. Why should money management be the exception? Yet fewer than 5% of seminaries and Christian colleges teach courses in biblical finance, and many pastors and church leaders rightly feel unprepared to address the many specific financial questions their people have. Here at last is a source of answers your church can turn to; we offer customized seminars as educational resources to help you help your people.

Unlike those “free” dinner seminars you hear of, we receive a modest speaking fee for the program. So we don’t need to try to sell financial products or services to the attendees. There is no push at the end to get people to sign up for high-pressure one-on-one meetings.  The education we deliver is the product. Should someone wish to engage us further, we trust that they will seek us out.