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If you lead a congregation, you lead a very busy life. We understand the load you carry. Our founder is an active ordained minister, so we understand church finances from the perspective of the pulpit and the pew. We’d like to be your trusted ally, bringing our financial acumen to bear for the benefit of you and your flock. We know there are thousands of financial planning and investment management firms out there. Our exclusive focus on working with Christian organizations and their constituents makes us different.
We Know the Importance of Giving
Carrying out the Great Commission is the most important work in the world. And it requires funding. Yet recent studies suggest that family giving to churches has sunk to its lowest level since 1961. When we counsel people on the importance of saving and investing, it’s not at the expense of kingdom priorities.
We Can Say "Stewardship" Without Making People Nervous
Your church members probably know that stewardship refers to management of something that belongs to another. Since everything belongs to God, we are all stewards of his blessings in our lives. But when you say stewardship, they hear “pressure to donate,” and many of them start feeling defensive. When we talk about stewardship with your congregation, it’s different. They can hear us clearly, because we have nothing to gain from their giving. With no perceived conflict of interest, we can sit on the same side of the table as your members – and help them see the bigger picture of sound financial management.
We Know What They're Not Telling You
There is anxiety in your pews. And it’s not just among the poor or working class people struggling to make ends meet. Your more affluent members often suffer stress over money issues. Because they are perceived as very successful, they often feel too guilty to approach you about their financial concerns. Their money dilemmas are different than those of the poor – but just as real. They need wise counsel, even if they won’t ask you for it.
We Share Your Priorities
You know money is not the most important thing in the world. You aren’t building a church culture of shallow consumerism, or acting as if affluence were an affirmation of one’s spiritual state. You are training your congregation to set their affections on things above. You value the riches of His grace more than earthly riches. We share your priorities. Nevertheless, money is a gateway issue. Jesus taught that we have to be faithful with “unrighteous mammon” before being trusted with true riches. Every child of God should develop the ability to handle money well, so that poor habits and bad attitudes don’t impede the experience of true riches.
We Respect Your Convictions
Your church has taken some strong stands for or against certain practices, policies, or products. Whether the cause is social justice or moral purity, you want your church endowment and your personal portfolio to reflect the same values you preach. Some secular firms disdain your convictions as “hang-ups” or “prejudices.” Not us. We will construct investment portfolios with any number of social or moral screens you choose, so that neither you nor your church need ever be embarrassed about your holdings.
We Understand Clergy Compensation
Your financial situation is unlike that of most professionals. If you’ve ever seen the blank look on an advisor’s face when you talk to them about opting out of Social Security, or about income-tax free housing allowance, you’ll appreciate the fact that we understand the ins and outs of planning for preachers.
We Fill In The Gaps
They don’t teach this in Bible college. A seminary education prepares you for many things. Comprehensive financial planning is not one of them. But you don’t have to let a need go unmet. With the help of Aspire Financial Advisors, your church has access to the financial know-how your congregation wants and needs, without your having to dilute your ministerial focus.