If your children --- or your grandchildren --- have their sights set on college, you want to make sure they have the money to go. The big question is how best to pay for it. The cost of an education is rising at roughly 8% per year. This means costs for a baby born today will be more than three times what they are now. Figuring out how much money to set aside involves some complex calculations. And there are more options for education funding than most people can keep straight. 

There are prepaid tuition plans, UTMA accounts, and Section 529 plans just for starters. Should you borrow against your home? Take a 40(k) loan or IRA withdrawal? Will you have to use student loans, or PLUS loans for parents? 

Why does it feel like you need another college degree just to understand all the options? The good news is you don’t. If you’re committed to sending someone to college, we’re committed to helping you find the smartest way. Reach out to us when you need direction for the journey.