The Joy of Blogging

A tiny confession: I am not an adrenaline junkie. Some people thrive on risk. You know the type: downhill skiing on the black diamond trails; riding triple-looping roller coasters; investing in leveraged ETFs. The high-risk activities are fun when they work well, but can ruin your day when they don’t. Which is why I’ve decided to start blogging more. That’s not a non sequitur, as I’ll now explain.

I was recently interviewed on live radio. That’s something I’ve done over a dozen times, and I’ve always enjoyed it. It’s certainly not a high-risk activity when compared to skydiving or similar death defying pursuits. But everything is relative, and radio is riskier than blogging. Unlike a blog, live radio doesn’t give you any do-overs. I can type a sentence here, consider it, and edit it as needed until I feel satisfied that it’s good. When you read the final result, you’ll have no idea that the paragraph you like best took me six edits and 20 minutes to get right. Radio affords no such luxuries.

On my most recent interview, I made a verbal slip that I didn’t catch until I listened to the playback online. It wasn’t an end-of-the-world mistake by any means. Just a weird little slip, the equivalent of wishing someone a happy Friday when it is only Wednesday. It makes you look like you’re not quite up to speed. In my case, I made casual mention of the the stock market’s closing numbers, but misquoted the DJIA by about 1,000 points. I did this even though I was looking at the actual closing numbers while doing the interview. But there’s no going back and fixing it. And thanks to Internet radio, the sound file of my interview and the blooper it contains will live on and on.

Silver lining time: First, there’s the fact that our little failings, especially public ones, help keep us humble. Humble is good. It’s rarely fun, but always good. Second, it reminded me that any mistake I make in this blog can be fixed. Tapping away late at night on my laptop computer does not produce anywhere near the adrenaline rush of fielding unanticipated questions on live radio. But I won’t spend the hours after I post something smacking my head and saying to myself, “You idiot!”

So to all you patient readers who have wanted to see me post more here, the upshot of all this is that I’m in the mood for a little risk avoidance, and will be posting here much more than in the past. Stay tuned.